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Outdoor programs

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Looking to experience the joy of climbing in the great outdoors? Our outdoor programs provide a safe and structured approach to discover and learn all about climbing. Led by certified ACMG guides, we offer a wide range of courses tailored to climbers of all levels, from beginner-friendly introductions to advanced multi-day training.

Our goal is to foster a supportive environment where you can embark on your climbing journey with confidence. Our team will guide you through the essentials, including proper equipment usage, fundamental techniques, and important safety protocols. Whether you’re taking your first steps or seeking new challenges, our outdoor programs cater to your individual needs and aspirations.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you explore stunning landscapes and learn the art of climbing. Our outdoor programs prioritize safety, skill development, and a sense of adventure. Join us and discover the exhilaration of climbing in the great outdoors while gaining the knowledge and expertise to thrive.

To sign up, contact us below.

Intro Rock is the perfect program for beginners with no prior experience in climbing. It’s designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of outdoor climbing while catering to individuals or groups. We start with the basics; teaching you how to properly wear a harness and helmet, how to tie into a rope with a figure 8 and how to belay.  

Price $150/person. 6:1 guest:guide ratio.

Rock Basics is an ideal course for beginners who aspire to become independent climbers, confident in setting up climbing systems safely. In this course, we focus on key skills such as anchor building, gear inspection, and rappelling. By mastering these fundamentals, you’ll gain the knowledge and proficiency necessary to embark on your climbing adventures with confidence and competence.

Price $170/Person. 6:1 guest:guide ratio.

Intro to Sport is designed to introduce climbers to the exciting world of lead climbing on single-pitch sport climbs. Throughout this course, we cover essential techniques such as safe leading, efficient clipping, lead belaying, and anchor building. By the end of the program, you’ll have acquired the skills needed to take on sport climbs with confidence and enjoy the adventure of leading your own routes!

Price $180. 6:1 guest:guide ratio.

Intro to Trad is the next step in your outdoor climbing journey, focusing on solid gear placement, gear anchors, and advanced lead techniques. This comprehensive two-day course is designed to enhance your understanding of traditional climbing and equip you with the necessary skills to lead trad climbs safely and proficiently. From learning to select and place reliable gear to mastering advanced lead techniques, this course will empower you to explore traditional climbing routes with confidence.

Price $450/Person. 4:1 guest:guide ratio.

Building upon your sport or trad climbing skills, Intro to Multipitch takes your climbing to new heights by focusing on advanced anchor building, top-down belay techniques, efficient changeovers, and multi-pitch rappelling. This course is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to tackle multi-pitch climbs with ease and confidence. By the end of the program, you’ll be proficient in managing complex climbing systems and enjoying the rewards of scaling multi-pitch routes.

Price $450/person.  4:1 guest:guide ratio.

Rock Rescue is designed to provide climbers with advanced skills in handling emergencies and executing efficient rock rescues. Going beyond the basics, this course focuses on victim assessment and access, anchor construction, ascending and descending ropes, and the implementation of hauling systems. You’ll gain practical experience in real-world rescue scenarios and learn how to effectively move injured climbers to safety using mechanical advantage systems and pulleys.

Price $150/Person. 6:1 guest:guide ratio.

Private guiding can be arranged for individuals, families, or groups. Please contact us for prices and options.