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How to fill out legal-waiver

This how-to page is meant  to help parents needing to sign our legal waiver. The process for a single adult is pretty self-explanatory — the details below are probably overkill for that scenario. However, if you need to sign waivers for dependent children it is more involved — read on!

It’s a multi-step process. It proceeds as follows:

1. Create an account for yourself and only then enter the information for any dependent members of your household.

(A common source of confusion is that parents start out by creating an account for their child. However, children below the legal age can’t sign their own legal agreements. Hence parents must enter their own information first)

2. Sign legal waiver(s). The potential challenge here is that kids less than 18 years old cannot sign their own waivers, so even if you have no intention of using our gym you must sign waivers for yourself. The software works hard to enable you to read and accept the waiver for yourself and your dependents at the same time

The process is outlined by a series of screen shots of our “portal” at

When you are done creating your household and signing the legal waivers you are ready to purchase a pass (or redeem a promo code). The first step is to visit the landing page of our online “portal” (the web page presented by our gym management software for waivers and online purches) at

Create and account

On your first visit you must create an account, which means tell us about yourself. 
It is a multi-step process where you will be asked to verify an email address followed by other personal information and finally the names of the dependent members of your household.

The first step is to verify an email address (We have made the password visible here)

When you press the “create account” button the system sends you an email containing a “verification code”.  
You must view the email in whatever way you usually read your email (phone, browser, or computer). 
(Below we show what the email looks like in gmail.)
In any case the point is that you receive the code, in this case, 584769. When you enter the code into our portal your email is verified.

So now you enter the code, 584769 below, into our “portal”

When you press the “finish” button above you’re really just starting.. Time to enter the personal information

Okay, so that’s you.. Time to identify your emergency contact

Parents will want to add one or more household members before moving on to signing legal waivers.
That will make it possible to sign the waiver for you and your dependents at the same time.

It’s much quicker to fill in the data for household members because it largely is the same as your information

Now that you have created a household with yourself and one dependent — it’s time to read, consider and if you decide to accept the conditions, sign the legal agreements

Legal Waiver

Returning to the portal you choose “sign waiver”

If you are signing for your dependents click the corresponding checkbox and press “sign”

Finally we enter the legal waiver workflow, where you will have to read and initial sections (by clicking boxes) of the agreement, select a signature for yourself and finally, if you so decide, accept our legal condtions.

Please please read the agreement. The text refers to specific risks that bouldering involves that everyone should be aware of. You must click in the boxes at the bottom right of each section of the agreement as you read and understand them.

After you have initialed all the sections the system asks you to select a signature. This step has confused many people. The idea is that the system offers you a default signature which you will later use to accept the agreement.  In the words of the lawyers of the system designers: “By applying my electronic signature to this agreement, I agree that my electronic signature is the legally binding equivalent of my handwritten signature on paper. I will not, at any future time, claim that my electronic signature is not legally binding or enforceable.”

Below you see the default signature the system has selected for TestParent.  (It’s your name in a script font) You may enter your own as well. When you click on “accept signature” below you have not accepted anything — you have decided which signature you will use to accept the agreement below. <insert exasperated emoticon here>

Finally,  we can accept the legal agreement. When we “AGREE AND SUBMIT” we are applying the above signature to indicate our acceptance. Whew.